On behalf of 10 Key Accounting & Financial Services, I would like to officially welcome you to and introduce you to our Firm.

The world – and the way it does business – has changed dramatically since I graduated in 1985 receiving my degree in Accounting/Bus. Mgmt. Accounting was still pretty much done manually and the Internet was yet to be. It’s now just as easy to do business with a company on the other side of the world as it is to do business with the one located next door, and the notion of a “global economy” – once a concept that was foreign and seemingly improbable – is our reality.

But just as the world has changed, so has our Firm. We have expanded, and enhanced our service offerings to reflect the modern reality of our clients’ business. We have increased our unique type of client services across the city of Houston and across the state through our affiliation with both large corporations, and small businesses providing them custom tailored services based on their specific needs. But one thing remains certain in a world that doesn’t always seem to be is that our clients will continue to enjoy the benefits of 10 Key Accounting & Financial Service’s founding principles of trust, community involvement, and personal service. Those are the principles that have helped us to achieve not just a renowned reputation from the many organizations we have represented but also from the clients in which they referred our services to. This has allowed us to grow, and network with a brand that has kept us from having to incorporate any outside marketing or advertising.

As you pass through the different stages of your company’s life cycle – or likewise, through your various projects – each stage will require a different kind of approach. At 10 Key Accounting & Financial Services we will work with you through every step, and phase to ensure maximum results, by applying a diversity of talent and expertise to help you solve problems, react to trends, measure performance, and make informed decisions. As one of Houston’s most diverse accounting groups, we have worked on various projects with a number of major corporations such as Accenture/BP, NextiraOne, Equiva Services/Shell Oil, Reliant Energy, Halliburton, Compaq Corp and Enron Energy Services to family owned and small businesses such as Alamo Alarms, PetroAcct LLC, and Ricardo Inc to name a few. We are proud of our commitment to providing services to such organizations as these, and had the opportunity to assist them in meeting the various challenges that they faced. Our continued efforts in remaining focused on today’s, and tomorrow’s challenges remain vigilant, in order to best serve our clients with solutions for the new and ever increasing challenges that lay ahead. We are adamant about retaining resources that educate, drive and change our way of thinking, and ensuring that yesterday’s methods are replaced with effective, and efficient methods that will allow our clients continued growth and prosperity.


If you are at a point where your current shared services group is not fulfilling their end of the bargain, we would be very interested in speaking with you about your concerns and needs. In turn we will present to you, and your business a comprehensive business package, that is tailored just for you, saving you thousands of dollars for services that are not increasing your bottom line. Inquiries are always free here at 10 Key Accounting & Financial Services, and we encourage you to just give us a call.


Thomas A Crump III.


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