About Us

We are Focused

In the ever-changing business world, one thing remains constant: the confidence you can place in 10 Key Accounting & Financial Services to provide your business the essentials in the type of services that fit your needs to get the job done, and get it done right.

Our human resources, accounting, and tax knowledge is extensive. This is the core of our managed services that focuses on nothing else then to bring to your business a cost effective way of handling these functions, and allow you to concentrate on running your day to day operations. You will find that we are highly experienced in these areas, with hands-on problem solving techniques, which holds us to an extraordinarily high level of performance. You can trust us to have the understanding and the resources to do what’s best for your business. We know trust is a very valuable commodity in today’s business environment, and will never take it for granted. Our iron clad confidentiality agreement, which is bonded for your protection and security, ensures that we will never impede on the trust you put in us to carryout the responsibilities that comes with our service. Our reputation has been built on this policy, and we will never waiver from the strictest privacy acts enforced by state and federal law. The business relationship that we build with you from conception to expansion is an honor, and not a privilege, and every member of our team respects that. We are here to provide business services and plans that result in success. Along with a full spectrum of accounting services that can minimize your current accounting cost and tax burden, we also can handle the responsibilities of your human resource needs including payroll, interviewing, background checks and other personnel services tailored to your specific business needs. Finally we will keep you abreast of industry changes regarding corporate governance, tax or accounting issues, and financial reporting that may affect your business.

We understand that navigating through these uncertain and challenging economic times, requires that you maintain focus on managing your business, therefore we work along side of those efforts by providing you the essentials to do what you do best, running a profitable business. We remain focused on every aspect of the accounting cycle, from ever changing technology to the vast economic challenges that will eventually effect every business in operation today. Whether you begin with our services for a special project, or startup, we will utilize the latest accounting/hr practices and tax methodologies to help you manage risk, stay compliant and improve overall business performance.